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Endodontics & Periodontology in Turkey

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Endodontics in Turkey

In dentistry, the term endodontics is used to describe the treatment of symptoms on the inside of the tooth. When the soft tissue and surrounding tooth area are not in optimal alignment (tooth-hard tissue, also called pulp-dentin complex), bacteria find their way into the interior of the tooth and can cause major damage, such as inflammation and even lead to tooth loss. Swelling or throbbing toothache are the first indicators and should be cleared up immediately before consequential damage occurs.

Root inflammation treatment procedure

In endodontic surgery, root canal treatment is almost always performed painlessly through anesthesia. Afterwards, old debris such as defective fillings or other disruptive elements are thoroughly removed so that no new bacteria can develop that could endanger your tooth roots. A so-called rubber dam (rubber cloth) is used to prevent saliva from alternately flowing to the tooth and vice versa, so that nothing can enter the throat, such as rinsing fluid. Then the path to the root canal is carefully prepared with nickel-titanium arrows. Using endometric measurement of the root canal, the germ-free cleaning begins, which we achieve in Turkey by using ultrasound and diode laser.

Endodontics in Turkey
Periodontology in Antalya

Periodontology in Antalya

Periodontology is concerned with the study of the periodontium. As you have already found out, bacteria are the cause of some disease processes, but in the case of periodontal symptoms it affects everyone. Here we distinguish between gingivitis and if the bone is also affected, periodontitis. The most common problem is periodontitis, which in some cases can develop slowly, but in rare cases also quickly.

Treatment of dental bacteria

Periodontal treatment involves removing discoloration and plaque residue – including residue that lies beneath your gums – directly from the tooth. In most cases, a rough treatment of the gum pockets is enough to achieve a 100% clean result. If this is not the case, the GetSmile Turkey dentist will immediately decide on a “deep scaling” treatment using a microscope. If the infestation is even more severe, an anti-obiotic treatment is started, which is evaluated after 4 to 6 weeks. According to experience reports, the best results are achieved with 3 to 4 follow-up treatments.

Costs for periodontal treatment

The costs result from (equipment) expenses, material costs and the number of root canals to be treated. Ask us for free and without obligation!

Does health insurance pay for the endodontic treatment in Turkey?

Health insurance companies usually pay a part of the costs. Please contact us in this regard.

Development of Periodontitis

Periodontitis can be a chronic predisposition, provoked by certain diseases such as rheumatism or leukemia. It can also be caused by externally introduced substances that can alter your state of health. In many cases, smokers develop periodontitis faster than non-smokers.

Endodontics & Periodontology in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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