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Inlays & Dental Fillings in Turkey

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Inlays and Fillings - with our dentists in Turkey

Do you suffer from caries and are your teeth damaged as a result? With so-called inlays and fillings, it is no problem to restore the damaged teeth to their almost original shape. There are two different options applicable in our surgeries in Antalya.

Plastic tooth filling

In plastic tooth filling, a mass of amalgam or, for example, glass ionomer cement is filled into the tooth, after which it can still be individually shaped according to your tooth pattern and finally cured.

Inlays for your teeth

An inlay is a specially made substance of gold or ceramic that is applied directly to your tooth. Using computer technology, the individual shape is made in the laboratory or directly in the dental office, depending on the dentist.

Since the bite comfort with regard to the daily functionality of the teeth is the highest priority, only accurate measuring instruments and special tools are used in Antalya.

Inlays and Fillings - with our dentists in Turkey
Inlays and fillings in Turkey - testimonials from our patients

Inlays and fillings in Turkey - testimonials from our patients

Each treatment method serves its purpose and has its place. At GetSmile Turkey, we recommend ceramic inlays based on our testimonials. While gold inlays are very durable, ceramic inlays have high biocompatibility combined with realistic customizable tooth color. Considering all the important components, ceramic inlays are an absolute recommendation.

Do you prefer an inlay or a crown?

As long as no more than 60% of the tooth is damaged, i.e. lost, inlays are the best treatment method, otherwise the tooth would have to be completely remodeled and a crown would be the wisest option.

Costs of dental fillings in Turkey

Depending on the extent of the damage to the patient’s teeth, prices may vary. To get an exact idea, please contact us free of charge and without obligation through the indicated contact channels.

Health insurance subsidy for dental fillings

The statutory health insurance scheme partially covers the costs incurred, e.g. composite fillings or amalgam in the lateral area.

Inlays & Dental Fillings in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay



from 50