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Dental Veneers in Turkey

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Veneers in Turkey

The term “veneers” is used precisely when it comes to the problem treatment of aesthetic teeth defects. It can be for purely aesthetic reasons, or from a dental point of view to provide necessary interventions to be able to prevent further consequential damage over time. If crumbling or broken tooth edges are not addressed in time, they can be a reason for possible bacteria, which can lead to further tooth erosion or even inflammation. Apart from that, the veneers treatment is also useful for personal aesthetic needs, for example when it comes to removing enamel stains, severe discoloration or aesthetic straightening of teeth.

Our dental team in Antalya has special expertise in treating teeth with veneers. White, straight teeth not only look beautiful, but are also part of our health. To achieve the best results, our team of doctors works exclusively according to European standards. In addition to gentle treatment, it is often possible to treat your teeth without grinding. All your questions will be answered through our contact channels. We will advise you immediately!

Veneers in Turkey
Veneers in Turkey - composite and ceramic veneers

Veneers in Turkey - composite and ceramic veneers

A veneer is a thin ceramic shell that is firmly attached to the teeth for a long time. Here a distinction is made between the so-called composite veneers and the so-called ceramic veneers. The most commonly used variant is the ceramic veneer, because it is needed for larger tooth defects, such as shallow canines and incisors. These are made of full ceramic and are therefore most suitable for larger problem repairs. Another variation is the so-called composite veneer, which is made of plastic. Depending on the color of our teeth, this plastic can be perfectly applied to the areas to be corrected and then cured with a lamp developed for the veneering technique. To achieve the perfect result, a polishing treatment is performed in the post-treatment to ensure the naturalness of your teeth.


Veneer treatment procedure in Turkey

During the veneer treatment with ceramics, our team of doctors in Antalya first determines a specific final result adapted to your individual appearance. Years of experience guarantee not only a gentle procedure, but also aesthetically precise results. After the initial straightening of your teeth, a detailed impression of your teeth is taken and the perfect color and shape of your teeth are determined, depending on your individual needs. If, after a thorough examination, the originally made veneer fits, it is permanently attached to your teeth by an adhesive procedure, namely the bonding technique. The treatment usually takes only 2-3 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. You do not have to stay in the clinic afterwards, but can continue your daily life as usual.

Hygiene and longevity of turkish veneers

Thanks to the modern standards we have today, veneers last longer than ever before. You can count on 15 years and, depending on your dental hygiene, much longer. Our team of doctors in Turkey will provide you with comprehensive advice on this as well!

Veneer treatment procedure in Turkey

Disadvantages of veneers at GetSmile Turkey

Due to the removal of the healthy top layer of the tooth, which is required for a conventional veneer treatment, you will have to rely on a veneer for the time being. However, thanks to the longevity of current veneer technology, this will not cause complications in your daily life.

Veneers to go in Antalya

Veneers to go, which we also offer in Antalya, is an immediate solution made of plastic or ceramic. “To Go” for the simple reason that these veneers can be immediately applied and fixed to your tooth structure.

Veneer treatment in Turkey – costs

The costs are mainly formed by different, individually adapted material and manufacturing variants. While in Germany you have to pay around 700EUR for conventional veneering methods, our prices start at 180EUR.

Dental Veneers Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

2 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay



from 150