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Dental Prophylaxis in Turkey

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Prophylaxis for shiny teeth in Antalya

The periodontium free of bacteria. This is already passively possible by following a balanced and healthy diet, thus cleaning the internal to notice external improvements. To give it an immediately noticeable and effective boost, a professional teeth cleaning at the best dentists in Antalya is a good idea. Once you have the desired result, you will be much more motivated to stick with it. Of course, you will receive comprehensive advice in the process.

Professional teeth cleaning in Antalya

Professional teeth cleaning served by GetSmile Turkey helps to eliminate residual plaque, dark discoloration and any tartar problems. It is a routine treatment that is performed quickly, effectively and smoothly. It is recommended that you have a professional teeth cleaning performed once or twice a year. Your teeth will thank you for it. In particular, patients who regularly consume a lot of caffeine, in the form of beverages such as coffee or black/ green tea, have a positive response.

Prophylaxis for shiny teeth in Antalya
Behandlungsablauf Dentalimplantologie

Fluoridation and Polishing treatment

You’ve probably heard or read about “fluoride.” It’s on our toothpaste, on our salt, partially on drinking water bottles and on some other personal care products. Fluoride application is an effective caries prophylaxis, i.e., a preventive measure to prevent tooth decay. You will receive brushing at your semi-annual dental checkup and after a professional dental cleaning. For effective explanation, please contact us free of charge and without obligation.

Fluoride is a safe and effective means of preventing caries/cavities. Fluoride hardens the tooth enamel and thus helps to protect it from, for example, the effects of acid. Fluid can prevent many dental problems and is a very good protection against tooth decay.

Tips and tricks for your dental care

Do you smoke, like to drink coffee or eat unhealthy food often? Even though these are obviously reasons why the appearance of your teeth can deteriorate drastically, dental prophylaxis can work wonders. After all, if one first actively ensures that caries cannot develop, these habits won’t cause major problems either, depending on the person and the immune system. An effective tip: clean your interdental spaces several times a day! These alone make up 30% of the surface of our teeth. Regular use of floss is already adequate for this purpose. Brushing your teeth several times a day (after each meal) is effective – provided you have chosen the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Mouthwashes can also be useful here, especially against bad breath, provided the previous steps have also been followed. Let GetSmile Turkey in Antalya give you all the advice you need!


Control of plaque in Turkey

Dental plaque can be caused by insufficient dental and oral hygiene combined with a poor diet. Strictly speaking, it is food debris and saliva, both of which together under the above aspects cause the formation of plaque. This also leads to the formation of so-called tartar, which can usually be observed in the lower jaw near the incisors, or laterally in the upper jaw. Further advanced, this tartar may also be found deeper in the gum line. This is called tartar removal. We at Asthetic Travel specialize in finding the right dentists for your individual needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for free!

Professional dental cleaning costs and health insurance

The professional teeth cleaning is a private service, which means it is paid for by you. An exception is the supplementary private insurance, which in most cases covers the costs. Some statutory health insurance agencies also pay subsidies.Some statutory health insurance agencies also pay subsidies. Prices vary depending on the country and the dentist, but on average you will pay 3.50 euros per tooth. To save even more, consider having your teeth professionally cleaned in Turkey. Since this is an outpatient treatment, you can combine it with a short vacation in Antalya.

Control of plaque in Turkey

Dental Prophylaxis in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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