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Orthodontics in Turkey

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Best orthodontics in Turkey

From a dental point of view, orthodontics deals with the treatment of imbalances in the jaw and bite anomaly. It is important to recognize these in time, but there are also effective treatment methods in Antalya. We at GetSmile Turkey will refer you to the best orthodontists!

An imbalanced jaw or dental problems can lead to pain in the rest of the body, which in an advanced stage can eventually lead to, for example, permanent tension and teeth grinding. Our turkish orthopedic surgeons specialize in all types of bone problems and also treat the whole body with individual physical therapy. In principle, it is important – for young and old alike – to incorporate a balanced diet and “basic fitness” into daily life in order to act preventively. However, there are also chronic abnormalities, such as uneven rows of teeth, which can also be treated.

Best orthodontics in Turkey
Treatment methods in orthodontics at GetSmile Turkey

Treatment methods in orthodontics at GetSmile Turkey

Depending on the initial situation and the severity, one of the 6 common treatment methods is used in Turkey – with us in Antalya:

  1. General orthodontics: common methods for minor complaints.
  2. Holistic orthodontics: further measures concerning the whole body, e.g. with physiotherapy.
  3. Functional orthodontics: focused on “bite comfort” by thorough analysis of the position of teeth and jaw by means of chewing simulation. Therapy possible by adjusting the teeth using so-called braces or aligners.
  4. Functional diagnostics: Functional analysis and occlusion by the treating dentist.
  5. Sports protection: Since many dental injuries are caused by sports accidents, it is advisable to wear a specially made mouth guard.
  6. Snoring splint: Mandibular movement splints are used effectively against snoring.

An orthodontic checkup is included for everyone – from young to old – at our clinic in Antalya.

Orthodontics costs in Turkey

Orthodontic procedures can also be performed at GetSmile Turkey in Antalya at a much lower costs. It is not possible to quote a specific price without knowing the specific treatment option and the starting situation of the patient. To know the exact prices, please contact us free of charge and without obligation through the provided contact channels. We will immediately find an appropriate solution for your jaw condition.

Orthodontics in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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