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Bone Graft in Turkey

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Bone augmentation and dental implants

With dental implants, the condition of the bone is indispensable and essential from the point of view of dental health. The bone strength and overall condition of the jaw bones determines the optimal final result of a dental implant. If there is not enough bone mass, the first step in dental implantology is to image the bone structure so that a surgical procedure can then be performed. Our team of doctors in Turkey is specialized in this and will help you to reach a possible bone reconstruction.

Bone loss due to tooth loss

Atrophy is a common after-effect following tooth loss, either due to specific disease processes or accidents. Our organism adapts accordingly to the circumstances and gradually reduces the existing bones due to the missing teeth, as they are no longer necessary for the body. With minimally invasive augmentation procedures, it is possible to counteract this process in the long run and prepare you for a possible dental implantation at our facility in Antalya.

Bone augmentation and dental implants
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Bone augmentation at GetSmile Turkey

In bone surgery, the so-called sinus lift method is used for affected and damaged jaw bones. Here a distinction is made between internal and external sinus elevator. In the former, a bone substitute is inserted between the floor of the maxillary sinus and the mucosa and is surgically performed in a minimally invasive manner. The external sinus elevator is also minimally invasive, but with the difference that the paranasal sinuses are made surgically accessible by milling for the insertion of the bone substitute. Another variation is bone-splitting. The remaining portion of the jawbone is “split” to force an organic healing process.

The resulting gap is thought to indicate to our body a jaw defect, which it should counteract organically by producing new bone cells. Finally, we mention socket preservation, which is responsible for preserving the alveolus (tooth cavity). This method involves a pre-implantation process through tooth extraction and then filling the tooth cavity while isolating the tissue. The goal is to prevent such jaw problems and the resulting secondary damage.


Differences in bone augmentation materials

In bone surgery in Turkey, a distinction is made between four materials. The patient’s own bone or a foreign bone is used. A natural or an artificial bone substitute is used. In the case of the patient’s own bone, parts of the bone are removed, for example, by means of the so-called iliac crest extraction and other variants, which are then fixed at the target site by means of minimally invasive surgery. Titanium screws are used to ensure stability. In the case of foreign bones, a suitable bone donor is first sought, whose removed bone parts are then attached to the target patient. When we talk about natural bone replacements, we are talking about animal bone replacements derived from cattle.

The last option is artificial bone replacement. It should be mentioned that this method does not give the same satisfactory result in terms of stability as the other methods – but it is very suitable for minimal tooth damage. This treatment is sometimes applied with bioactive glass or with calcium-containing support material.

Differences in bone augmentation materials

Pain and risks of bone augmentation

Antibiotics and analgesics significantly reduce the risk of infection and pain. According to our patients’ reports, there is hardly any pain. Risks can be inflammation, but also pain or consequential damage that requires professional treatment. However, this should only be mentioned theoretically, but is not a cause for concern statistically, as it is rare secondary damage. Smokers should pay special attention and ideally stop smoking or greatly reduce their smoking habit to reduce the risk of infection.

Bone augmentation costs at GetSmile Turkey

The costs vary widely, depending on the initial situation, the material used, the place and stay. For an exact quote you can contact us free of charge and without obligation.

Bone Graft in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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